How Did Your Race Season Turn Out?

Posted: October 24, 2011 by court1980 in Uncategorized

How Did Your Race Season Turn Out?

It’s that time of the year again as the racing season is winding down to consider what went well or not according to plan with your season.    Late fall is the perfect time to not only reflect on the season but to focus on all the great memories, new experiences in addition to the race performance.

I think we all face the minor post race depression after the “big event” of the year.   All the training, juggling schedules, sickness, injury, and other factors comes to a finality at the finish line of the key event of the year and for many the mind starts to focus on the next season.   Consider stepping back and spending time writing down (not just reviewing in your mind) all the highlights and challenges of the season.    The value of writing on paper is to look back at the journey of the season.  Remember, in many cases it’s the journey that is most important not always the finality of the race.

Consider writing down the following:

  1. Top 3 races of the season.
  2. Top 3 epic workouts.
  3. Top 3 new training ideas.
  4. Top 3 new relationships that were built over the season.
  5. What 3 areas will you focus on to improve your race performances?
  6. What were your 3 biggest weaknesses and how will you improve in 2012?
  7. What are your 3 strengths in your specific racing discipline?
  8. How many hours per week did your train?
  9. How many hours will your increase or decrease per week in 2012?
  10. Why do your race?


After evaluating the above questions and your season of personal reflection it’s time to look at your schedule and determine some new goals for the 2012 season.  For many it might not be a race but a personal journey to do a non-event challenge.  For example, a point-to-point run, hiking a classic trail, touring a new destination in the mountains in a foreign country, long distance ride, etc.    Consider learning some new skills, as being a lifetime learner is important in the changing world of new training ideas in endurance sports.    Finally consider mentoring a new athlete and spread the word of the passion of endurance sports.

Remember it’s about the memories and journey and not always a specific race!


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