Top 10 Holiday Gifts for The Endurance Athlete

Posted: December 2, 2011 by court1980 in Equipment Related

By Wayne Kurtz

It’s the time of the year again for gift giving as part of the holiday season. Hard to believe how fast the year flew by and we are down to less than 30 days before 2011 racing season comes to a close. I hope you all met your goals for you season and remained healthy, which is so important. Did you remember what your received last year during the holidays? What items meant the most to you and are using every day. There are so many endurance sports related items to purchase today, what is on your list.

Here are top 10 tools and equipment to consider for your 2012 racing season (no specific order):

  1. New GPS watch that is not the size of an orange sitting on your arm along with total duration longer than 8 hours. The prices have come down dramatically so check one out.
  2. Compression Shorts/tights
  3. Compression Socks
  4. Cyclocomputer that has a lifetime warranty – Are they’re any? Mine is always broken.
  5. Some new sunglasses to replace the scratched pair.
  6. New high tech fast wetsuit for triathlon races
  7. Running Socks of course!
  8. Running Vest to be used during those ‘in-between” weather days.
  9. New chain for your bike – your chain is probably worn out and we all have a tendency to wait to long.
  10. A new training log book or book about a sport your not as familiar with to learn a new skill.

Hopefully, you all get that “perfect” training device or equipment to help you with your racing in 2012 to set some Personal Best’s!


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