Note from the Race Director

Posted: January 13, 2012 by court1980 in Camps & Events

Ocean Shores, WA

Folks, I recently took a trip to Ocean Shores to meet with the community, the city and various business owners to thank them for their support in the past years and work with them to help make 2012 a great experience for not just the participants in the race, but also your friends and family that come along every year.  David Spooner, with iMad Media, the creator of, a site that highlights many of the things you can do in Ocean Shores, as well as where to stay, gave me the tour of Ocean Shores and helped me meet with quite a few folks.  I am excited to say that everyone in Ocean Shores that we have talked to is excited to have you and us there.  Among them the mayor and city council.  After thanking them for all they have done to date they proceeded to applaud David and I, which according to several sources, is a first.  I am looking forward to working with the community members in Ocean Shores to make sure we have the best volunteers available for you, great package hotel rates, and hopefully also the ability to sign up for things like horseback rides on the beach, electric boat rides, using paddleboards, and various other things outside of the race, all at packet pickup.  There are also some talks of adding an iron distance race for 2013.  Not sure where the course would be yet, but as the details shape up we’ll give you more information on both this and events outside of the race you guys can all take part in.  For now, just know that we are working hard to keep making the Ocean Shores Big Weekend Tri & Foot Fest better every year, and the community of Ocean Shores welcomes you!


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