Why Are Goals Important

Posted: April 23, 2012 by TriFREAKS Endurance Sports in Uncategorized

Most of you believe a goal is the result or achievement toward which an effort is directed, which is the dictionary definition. In real-life, goals are the things we strive toward whether consciously calling each one a goal or not. For example, the intention to graduate from high school or even to get married – both of these are goals the average person strives toward. These goals are sometimes in our culture considered rites of passage. In some cases, goals and intentions are the same thing. And the inability for whatever reason to fulfill your intention or achieve your goal is failure to get where you wanted to go. Now that’s not to suggest that if you decided to take a new direction, you failed, and that recognition is important to your self-esteem and future definition of success.

What really matters is that you consciously and responsibly made these choices and don’t falsely believe someone else forced you to do something. You are the captain of your ship. Before you learn anything else, you must understand every lesson in life will be based on your ability to consciously choose, take action, and make it happen. No one else can do this for you. And you should not blame anyone else if you abandon your goals – it’s always your choice.

Now why is it important to set and achieve goals? For each person the answer will be different. Maybe you’ve come to an unexpected point in your personal life or career that you’ve realized that things need to change and take a new direction. Maybe you’ve gotten where you have without much conscious goal setting, but now you need a fresh perspective and new direction. Maybe you need to raise your awareness and take charge, because where you’ve come in this journey hasn’t completely satisfied you. You’re not unhappy per se but you don’t necessarily wake up each day filled with joy, excitement, passion or anticipation of what the day will bring. You feel at loose ends. You have a ho-hum feeling. You’re not fully engaged in your life, family, career or friendships. Maybe you’re bored and feel stuck. You don’t know how to take it to the next level. You don’t know how to put yourself on a path toward something you want to do or have always dreamed of doing and never accomplished.

Goal setting is the answer to your problem, whether you have dreamt of climbing Mount Everest or traveling to Costa Rica; getting a new or better job; starting and owning a business; or finding a new relationship or divorcing or ending an unsatisfying one. The ability to not only set but also achieve goals will help you accomplish just about anything you’ve wanted or dreamed of doing. One of the most important things you must understand, and before you dismiss these ideas, is nothing you’ve ever wanted to accomplish is out of reach. You can do anything you set your mind to do. Before any objections cloud your ability to consider this a real proposal, open your mind, put aside your preconceived ideas and beliefs, and embrace new ideas about to unfold before you.

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